Monday, 13 February 2012

Today's ride

Things that made me happy on today's cycle:
1) Tim says "we were doing 22mph and you accelerated away"
2) nothing else, I can't cycle up a hill and Tim can't take advantage of a downhill

so in the next 82 days we have to learn how to cycle a long distance without dying

that should be easy then...

Training Begins! (Huzzah!)

Stuart and I finally got a start on training together by cycling a Crieff to Comrie loop that was just over 18 miles. It has revealed a few useful pieces of information;

1) I have girly little chicken legs.
2) Stuart has girly little chicken lungs.
3) I can climb not too badly and
4) Stuart accelerates like a beast. (much to my annoyance)

Fun times though. The big cycle in May is only just short of 10 times the distance we cycled today. There's a heartening thought to end on.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

January update

I took my bike to Centre Parc when we were there a few weeks ago.  Round around the park a few times and up and down the hills and I am feeling worse than ever.  Tim now has his bike and has been hassled to putting up a picture.  I am putting a Feb 1 start date for training, and will be posting some sort of training schedule up, with updates of how far behind I am falling!

Also my first poster goes up on Tuesday - a big thanks to Paul & Jackie at JAVA LAVA in Crieff.