Sunday, 23 October 2011

Route plan

Ok, I have a bike, that is I will have a bike when it gets here next week (pictures will follow).  So now I have to start thinking of real training - Well I have some routes on Mapmyride, I'll start with of those.

But of course the training is for a purpose and to that end I include below target mile markers and timings for the ride up.  From experience the first two should be on track, but it gets tougher after that.

Miles Ends

1-17 Perth 1 mile past Perth 0-60 mins
18-34 Kindallachan 1.5 miles before Ballinluig junction 61-120 mins

15 minute break 121-135 mins
35-51 Pitagowan B847 junction 136-195 mins
52-68 Dalwhinnie 1.5 miles before A889 junction 196-255 mins

15 minute break 256-270 mins
69-85 Kingussie 0.5 mile after A86 junction 271-330 mins
86-102 Carrbridge 2 miles before A938 junction 331-390 mins

30 minute break 391-420 mins
103-119 Daviot 2 miles before Daviot 421-480 mins
120-136 Duncanston Top of Black Isle B9169 junction 481-540 mins

15 minute break 541-555 mins
137-153 Kildary 1 mile before B817 556-615 mins
154-172 Embo
616-675 mins
So on the above schedule a 0600h start gets us in about 1715h, or an annoying 15 minutes after the sauna closes.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Training & Bike update

I have put an ebay bid on another bike ( but am thinking it wont be mine (oh no, it wont).  At this point it is probably still January before a bike will hove in to view.
Until then I am, as previously advised, concentrating on other parts of the essential training program.  Just now I appear to be bulking up on what I am assuming are essential winter fat stores (or I am 14 months pregnant and due to drop a baby elephant any time soon.)
I also recently re-read, well to be honest re-skimmed, Lance Armstrongs auto-B.  I thought I must have missed the chapter on his drug regime, but it turns out he is saving that for a future edition, so I was left with the bit about whether I like apples or not.  I thought hard about it, I went and ate an apple (apple crumble to be honest, with creamy custard) to confirm my thoughts and can confidently let you know that I DO LIKE APPLES.
With that bombshell, I shall away and watch the end of Scotland's interest in Euro 2012.


P.S. Tim,  have you been cycling to work?  We are interested in hearing what canines have chased you along the tow-path recently.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Not starting to Train

Thought I should bring everyone up to date with my training progress.

I have a bid on a bike on ebay - if I get it I might start cycling soon.

That's it.

Well, I suppose I could say that I am concentrating on the mental bit of the journey (most people reckon me to be about 95-100% mental so I am on schedule).  Seriously though this is the tough bit, you know, looking at really expensive bike frames,  wondering if a top gear of 53-11 is practical, wondering if a cycling bib will suit my fine physique, trying to work out if there is anyway to fit a helmet cam into the budget, looking idly at pre-packed energy bars, remembering that the route has lots of uphill.

It is only 218 days to Embo....


I didn't get the ebay bike - still need to be working on the mental side of things