Saturday, 1 October 2011

Not starting to Train

Thought I should bring everyone up to date with my training progress.

I have a bid on a bike on ebay - if I get it I might start cycling soon.

That's it.

Well, I suppose I could say that I am concentrating on the mental bit of the journey (most people reckon me to be about 95-100% mental so I am on schedule).  Seriously though this is the tough bit, you know, looking at really expensive bike frames,  wondering if a top gear of 53-11 is practical, wondering if a cycling bib will suit my fine physique, trying to work out if there is anyway to fit a helmet cam into the budget, looking idly at pre-packed energy bars, remembering that the route has lots of uphill.

It is only 218 days to Embo....


I didn't get the ebay bike - still need to be working on the mental side of things

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