Saturday, 19 November 2011

I Ordered My Bike!

So Stuart thinks he can outdo me by getting a cool yellow bike does he? Well he can. But I went to the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative today and ordered my bike and accessories. The bike is nothing too fancy but it fitted me nicely and will do what's needed. Here's a link to it if you want a look ...

As you may have noticed, it's nice and reduced as well.

Unfortunately, I can't pick it up until January 20th as I'm getting it on Cyclescheme through my work and the voucher to get it won't be issued until then. So until then I am using visualisation techniques. I believe that means my training is going better than Stuarts. Awesome.

*have added picture Tim

1 comment:

  1. bike looks good Tim. Hope the visualisation is going well, I have move on to a system of augmented synthetic mimetic route characterisationalising, it's tough but worth it.
    look forward to getting some miles in the legs though